Friday, January 11, 2013


I am mostly motivated by my surroundings. If I see something good, then I know to do the same. If I see something bad, then I know what not to do or become. I am most effectively motivated by the bad things that I see.  Most adults tell me to become something that they're not. They tell me to become better and to learn from their mistakes. I prefer to learn from their mistakes because I get to see the side of failure. Failures help me see of all that I need to do in order to succeed. If you just see the side of success, you may not become as successful. Failure should scare most people, like me. Once you see how horrible the other side is, then you will not want to see yourself in that same position. You will work hard, because you would want to succeed, with the help of motivation.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Being a Leader

   As a Freshman, I believe that I am a leader. Just because I am now in the youngest group in the school, doesn't mean that I can't lead others. To be a leader, you have to know what's right. You want to lead others in the right direction. You want them to thank you for their success or achievement. You also have to have good character. This means that you know right from wrong, would not allow distractions, and listen to others. So far, I believe that I carry all of these traits.
   Almost every day, there are students, even upperclassmen, who ask me for help. I do not mind helping anyone, so during a free time that I have I help them. It is kind of nice being able to know that other people come to me when they need help. It lets me know that they trust me and I will do them no wrong. I also like the feeling when their grades increase because of me. I become proud and thankful for my gift of being able to help others.
    For my age, I still have time to grow into a better leader. I can do that by listen and paying attention to other leaders. Just like I led others to success, they can lead me to success as well. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012


So far, my classes are getting better. My techers are making the subjects fun, so it makes the subject easier. My favorite subject is Geometry. Just like the majority of my classes, I have upperclassmen in the some. At the beginning of the year, I thought that it would make the classes more challenging, and I later realized that it made me special. I'm am making better grades than they are and I am in the 9th grade and they are in 11th and 12th. Sometimes, they come to me for help. This makes me feel like more than a Freshman.
Another class that I like is English. I am in the accelerated class, which means that I passed with advanced on my Language Arts and Reading MCT2 Test on last year. One reason why I like this class is because all of the students are 9th graders and we all treat each other like family. Also, my best friends are in the class as well.
One problem I have is balancing studying, homework, after school activities, projects, etc. I do not want to stress put too much stress on myself. Sometimes I feel that it is too much to handle. I am learning that I just have to get used to it because it is high school.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Goals As a Freshman

As a Freshman, I tend to have a lot of goals. In academics, I want to score nothing lower than an 80 on all daily work and tests. So far I have reached that goal. When I received my progress reports, my grades were between 80 and 100. For my electives and other activities, I have goals as well.  In January, I plan to audition for strings in the Mississippi Youth Symphony Orchestra. This could help me get a scholarship to my dream school, Julliard. Also, I am one of the Freshman Maids for my school. This week is Homecoming, so I will be in the pep rally, parade, and the Homecoming game. I am also excited because we will ride to the game in a limousine. So as the year goes by, I can tell that I will accomplish a lot.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Thoughts On Starting High School

During this summer, all I could think about was being a freshman. I was excited just to wear my new clothes and that I'm out of uniform. Other than that, I was both nervous and scared. I had to get used to a new school-a bigger school, and a lot of new people. Then, on the first day of school, I was terrified! I was so scared that I had to have my older sister to walk in with me. So after that, I got my schedule and I was mentally lost. I had no idea what type of classes these where. I barely take classes with any of my friends and I am in class with UPPERCLASSMEN!! I was so scared on the first day to the point to where I was shaking like crazy! But other than that, as the weeks went by, I started making new friends and liking my classes. I can now say that I am a proud Jim Hill Tiger.